Traditional VS New Media Marketing strategies

Traditional VS New Media Marketing strategies

Marketing company principles stay the same for the most part only the medium changes. To be successful in the highly mobile tech world of today you need to be where your customers are looking. It is a simple fact if you are performing for an empty house you are wasting your time regardless of the quality.

In today’s tech world the clowns performing for an empty house are the magazines, newspapers, billboards, TV channels, TV commercials and radio shows. Traditional media no longer holds our attention. Let’s face it, reality barely holds our attention. Everyone is fixated by the internet and especially mobile devices. You can go anywhere and see large numbers of people young and old with their faces down scrolling on their phones.

Even when we watch TV today we watch with a TV channel on, but our attention is near 99% on our mobile devices. A typical family may sit together in front of the TV, but their attention is elsewhere. Normally their attention is directed towards a social media platform of some sort, such as; Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram,, Reddit, twitter, youtube or medium.

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